Spine Arthroplasty: All You Need To Know

Back pain can range from an annoying ache to a completely debilitating condition. For some patients, when conservative treatments fail to control pain from degenerative spine conditions, their best option is surgery, such as spine arthroplasty.

At the Saville Spine Institute, our team of expert surgeons specializes in advanced techniques, including spine arthroplasty.  We understand the importance of personalized care; that’s why our priority is to develop the best treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Read on below to learn more about the types of spine arthroplasty and which one is best suited for you.

What is spine arthroplasty?

Spine arthroplasty aka spine disc replacement is a surgical procedure where a damaged or degenerated spinal disc is removed and replaced with a prosthetic device. These artificial discs are designed to mimic the function of a healthy disc, providing cushioning and allowing controlled movement within the spine. 

This procedure differs from spinal fusion, which permanently joins two or more vertebrae together to stabilize a spinal segment, sacrificing flexibility.

Rather, spine arthroplasty offers an alternative to traditional spinal fusion, potentially offering pain relief while preserving spinal motion.

What are the different types of spine arthroplasty?

There are two different types of spinal arthroplasty depending on the spinal region that requires the procedure. These are cervical disc arthroplasty and lumbar disc arthroplasty.

Cervical disc arthroplasty (Cervical Disc Replacement)

Cervical disc arthroplasty is performed in the neck (cervical spine), this procedure can provide relief from neck pain, arm pain, and other symptoms associated with cervical disc conditions.

Lumbar disc arthroplasty (Lumbar Disc Replacement)

Lumbar disc replacement is performed in the lower back (lumbar spine), this type of spine arthroplasty can help alleviate low back pain, leg pain, and similar symptoms of lumbar disc degeneration.

What are the benefits of cervical and lumbar disc arthroplasty?

At the Saville Spine Institute, we combine cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to patient-focused care.

Should spine arthroplasty be necessary on your journey to healing, our experienced surgeons will work closely with you every step of the way. Here are just some of the most notable benefits of spinal disc arthroplasty:

Spine Arthroplasty Procedure at Saville Spine Institute

At the Saville Spine Institute, our surgeons use the latest artificial disc technology, choosing the most suitable devices to meet your individual needs. Here’s what you can expect with spine arthroplasty at the Saville Spine Institute:

Consultation and evaluation

Our journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation, examining your medical history, imaging studies, and discussing your symptoms and concerns. This helps us confirm if arthroplasty is the best choice for you.

Surgical planning

If arthroplasty is recommended, our surgeons will carefully select the best artificial disc type and the most appropriate surgical approach for your procedure.

Surgical procedure

Spine arthroplasty is performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, the damaged disc is removed, and the artificial disc is carefully implanted.


Most minimally invasive spine surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, which means that you may be discharged a few hours after the procedure. 

Our expert team provides individualized post-operative care, including physical therapy, ensuring a successful recovery.

FAQ on Spine Arthroplasty at Saville Spine Institute

  1. Am I a good candidate for spine arthroplasty?

Spine arthroplasty is generally best suited for patients with degenerative disc disease or herniated discs who have not responded to non-surgical treatments. 

Ideal candidates for spine arthroplasty are also typically in good overall health and do not have significant spinal deformities or instability.

Orthopedic spine surgeons at our spine institute in Florida will thoroughly evaluate your situation to determine if this procedure is the right choice for you.

  1. What are the risks of spine arthroplasty?

Like any surgery, spine arthroplasty has potential risks, including:

Our surgeons will discuss these risks in detail before your procedure.

  1. How long does the spine arthroplasty surgery take?

The duration of the surgery can vary depending on the complexity of your case. Typically, the procedure takes a few hours.

  1. What is the recovery process like after spine arthroplasty?

Most patients experience a relatively short facility stay after spine arthroplasty. You’ll receive guidance on pain management and physical therapy to facilitate a safe and effective recovery. 

While recovery times vary, many patients see improvement within a few weeks and continue to recover over the subsequent months.

  1. Does Saville Spine Institute offer both lumbar and cervical disc arthroplasty?

Our surgeons are expertly trained in both cervical disc arthroplasty (for neck-related issues) and lumbar disc arthroplasty (for the lower back).

  1. How do I schedule a consultation to discuss spine arthroplasty with a Saville Spine Institute surgeon?

You can call at 561-630-3870 or schedule your appointment.  Our team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Experience the Benefits of Motion-Preserving Spine Surgery at Saville Spine Institute

If debilitating back or neck pain is disrupting your life, the experts at the Saville Spine Institute are here to help you find lasting relief.  

We specialize in advanced spine care, including cervical and lumbar disc arthroplasty – innovative procedures that can address chronic pain while preserving your spine’s natural range of motion.

Saville Spine Institute: Your Partners in Spine Health

Our team of skilled surgeons prioritizes personalized care and utilizes cutting-edge technology to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. We carefully assess your individual needs, determining if disc arthroplasty is the right solution for you.

While we excel in motion-preserving techniques, the Saville Spine Institute also offers a full range of treatment options and other services. These include:

And more!

Don’t live another day with chronic spine pain. Get in touch with our surgeons for the best minimally invasive spine surgery near me.

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