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This depends on a lot of factors, including if there is any instability in your spine, how much arthritis your facet joints have, and your pain pattern. It is best to visit us so we can review all of the information to decide.
We offer a full range of therapeutic injections, including medial brach blocks, epidurals, and facet injections. We also work with local therapists.
This varies from surgeon to surgeon, but at the Saville Spine Institute we aim to minimize damage to healthy tissue to repair the injury. This can include a fusion, disc replacement, or just decompressing the nerves.
We offer longer visits, with adequate time to understand your problems and goals. This enables us to formulate a plan specific for you.
Dr Saville is out of network with most carriers, but if you have a PPO plan we can work with the insurance to minimize costs to you. Any hospital or surgery fees not related to Dr Savilles fee will be covered by insurance.
Yes, we accept medicare, but some of the treatments we offer are not covered by medicare, and these incur out of pocket costs.

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The first step to receiving treatment is booking a consultative appointment. Please be aware that our concierge practice is limited so that we can provide the highest quality of care for each of our patients.