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Osteoporotic Compression Fractures

  • Immediate reliefIn office kyphoplasty can provide immediate relief of pain
  • Low bone density causes fracturesIf you are diagnosed with a compression fracture, your doctor should arrange a bone density exam
  • You don’t need a fall to have a fractureWe have even seen compression fractures caused by sneezing

Osteoporosis can cause bones to break with relatively low-energy accidents. These fractures cause significant pain, and can take a long time to heal if not treated correctly.

Symptoms of osteoporotic fractures may include:

Back pain following following a fall
Back pain worse with spine movement
Difficulty getting out of bed
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Treating Osteoporotic Fractures

At the Saville Spine Institute we can treat in the office with a short 10 minute procedure to help your pain almost immediately.

Saville Spine Institute may recommend any or all of the following treatments to patients:

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions patients ask about osteoporotic fractures.

  • Am I a candidate for kyphoplasty?

    Most fractures are candidates, but if there is pressure on the spinal cord from bone fragments we may advise other options.

  • Won’t my fracture just heal on its own?

    Compression fractures can take many months to heal, this is because everytime you move the fracture gets opened again and delays healing. Kyphoplasty helps stabilize the fracture and leads to healing

  • How long does a kyphoplasty take?

    Usually less than 10 minutes

  • Can I prevent compression fractures?

    Yes, you should get screened for osteoporosis if you are over 65 and female, or 75 and male. If you have low bone density treatment options to restore bone health are available.