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A pinched nerve in your neck

  • Location of pain helps diagnose which disc is pinchingEach of the spinal nerves in the neck send pain to different locations when they are pinched
  • It can settle with time70% of cases of cervical radiculopathy will improve without surgical intervention
  • It can be an emergencyIf you notice weakness or loss of control in your arms you should seek help urgently.

Patients will often report an improvement in pain if they raise their arm above their head as this relieves the pressure on the nerve slightly.

Symptoms of cervical radiculopathy may include:

Pain radiating into the arm or hand
Numbness in the hand or arm
Pain radiating to the scapula (shoulder blade)
Weakness in the arm or hand muscles

Treating Cervical Radiculopathy

Profived there isn’t any significant weakness or concerning findings, we usually start treatment with oral medications and therapy. If this isnt successful we will try an epidural injection in the neck. If there is significant weakness, or the non-operative treatments have failed we will discuss surgical options. These include minimally invasive decompressions, disc replacements and fusions depending on your specific case Saville Spine Institute may recommend any or all of the following treatments to patients:

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions patients ask about cervical radiculopathy.

  • Will I be able to play sports after neck surgery?

    Yes, after all of our treatment options you shoud be able to return to your pre injury activities

  • Can I have a disc replacement instead of a fusion?

    This mainly depends on how much arthritis you have in your facet joints. Too much arthritis means a disc replacment may fail and require a second surgery

  • Are these minimally invasive procedures?

    Yes, the majority of our cervical spine surgeries can be done as an outpatient.